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200 General DNA, Inc., sites it is the websites about


... long-awaited Business ...

... we have created for people a new, but  long-awaited Business ...which has already begun to transform the entire world and especially IT business, such as  Microsoft-Google-Facebook-Twitter-Apple ... in ... in ... in servants ..., free servants... or, in... in a nothing ...

...stop spending billions of one-time humans money ...

... if they do not stop spending billions of one-time humans money on nonsense and do not start every day, every minute, every moment thinking about the preservation and rescue of people and their full Master codes - as we... do this. We’ve been doing this for 15 years ...


Our * Soulsexplorer.com™ * becomes more interesting and similar to Google and not only in our very specific field.
Our * Humanitybook.com™ * will be the first personalized social archive without debris .
Our * Mainfriends.com™ * Aboutmeforever.com™ * Weallin.net™ dating * will become more important than Facebook .
will use all One-time's and all Many-times People!
In close conjunction of Life and analog and digital forms of preservation of this Life!
This is exactly what will dictate the fashion for nearest millennia and, may be, on Eternity.
Our Project attracts neither investors nor public shareholders. Only GIVE US A FEW YEARS !!!
Yes, Steve? Ooops, again ...
We reserve the right people who have time to decide for themselves whether or not
to leave your full Master-Code® for our internationally standardized technology.

Eugene M. McCarthy

...* Geen McCarthy * MACROEVOLUTION.NET * Humans Race are Hybrids of Bonobo Chimp & all breeds of Pigs * Extra unordinary *...Human origins: Are we hybrids? * A chimp-pig hybrid origin for humans? * About Gene McCarthy - Macroevolution.net * Mammalian Hybrids Listed by Family ... * Domestic Cat × Rabbit - CABBIT !!! * Our ideas about Geen McCarthy on dna-2.com

Igor J. Barbe

..."...because we are all the unique hybrids with the amazing Master-codes - and Each Of Us is The Main Value Of The Earth !!" I.J.Barbe + "If you have been monotonously working on the same issue for 15 years, causing people around you only a sense of bewilderment and indignation – than  you're either an idiot, or a hero making history, or both! from "Barbe Manifesto", 600 p., SOON!...

Remaining Alive ?!

Remaining alive is a dream which is coming true! With WE REMAIN℠ services, we remain alive even after death!

Returning To Life ?!

Returning to life after death is the reality you can choose but don’t wait too long you can miss it!

Stay Alive ?!

Preserving your DNA or DNA of your deceased relatives can save lives. The importance of DNA preserving is tremendous. Stay alive with services:

Will you have time??
  • Nailscollector℠ takes 3 - 6 years
  • Master-code℠ guarantees you 200 years
  • Deep Sleep™ guarantees of preserving your DNA from degradation. And only for 1000$ 50,000 years
  • At Home, within your Family - Homecolumbarium.com™ !! Or in our non-state Americanreserve.org℠ - Humanityreserve.org℠

The idea of being born again (infinite starting all over again&again for Many-times People©) - The New Really Form Of The Eternity Life ( from General DNA, Inc., USA ) - The Main Idea of ​​the Salvation Of Mankind - An absolutely new form of self-organization, self-realization, self-sapienization ©, space colonization by our Master-codes (*LIFEERUPTION*I.BARBE*1999) and a real variant of Virtual Time-mashine - after all, On the eternal pages of the HUMANITYBOOK.COM℠, you will be able to meet youself infinitely...
  • The idea of being born again, or remaining alive after death, or resurrection of the dead has been always on the minds of people.

    Lots of religions and cultures have been advocating this theoretical possibility. However it used to be only a theory, too far from real life. Fortunately now this dream is coming true.

  • With the discovery of DNA and later research in this sphere chances of remaining alive after death have become not a fantasy but a real prospect for people.

    Moreover, preserving your DNA or DNA of your deceased relatives can save your life and the lives of your descendants as DNA sequences passed from one generation to the next remain practically the same.

  • To make this possibility available to general public General DNA, Inc. created unique services WE REMAIN.

    WE REMAIN℠ services include collection, preservatione and storage of human biological specimens, such as hair, nail clippings, teeth and bones. Unlike other services in this sphere, we mainly specialize in collecting biomaterials from terminally ill and deceased people and pets. Yet it should be realized that, after physical death of a body, some definite period of time is available for collecting biological specimens. Extracting DNA from specimens of a dead body is a much more complicated and expensive process in comparison with that from a living individual ...

DEAR, ONE-TIME'S! Say NO to DEATH! Leave a Trace! Do not just disappear!

Why do we extract DNA from nails, hair, bones and teeth?
The well-known practice to obtain DNA from blood is easier and cheaper, but we truly believe that to preserve your DNA for centuries to come it is much better to store it in non-liquid substances.

Hair, hair roots, bones, teeth, nails will result in the most durable DNA. Moreover if your specimens are stored properly it is possible to obtain DNA from them not now but in hundred and even thousand years. Thus, with WE REMAIN℠ services, you will actually remain alive for many years to come.

There is one more question we’d like to shed light on: the difference between cloning and DNA preservation.

While cloning can produce just a twin which looks like you, or your relative, or your beloved pet and has some common features with an individual donating the tissue, DNA preservation saves the main part of your full MASTER-CODE life of yourself or your beloved ones, preserving the brains and the nervous system of a particular individual. Thus, it protects your personality and everything that makes you yourself.

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Examples of Goods & Services

Polyethylene terephthalate Collectors

General DNA, Inc., USA Presents

You can see our Goods & Services if you buy access to 200+ GEDNANETWORK websites from secret registration buffer - The Main ID - * themainid.com * main-id.com * with our own 4096 bit keys encryption and automatically new daily key generation. Thank you for understanding! Minimal price for surfing all sites with one Login is $2.40US (for 24 hours)


Polytetrafluoroethylene Capsules

General DNA, Inc., USA Presents

You can see our Goods & Services if you buy access to 200+ GEDNANETWORK websites from secret registration buffer - The Main ID - * themainid.com * main-id.com * with our own 4096 bit keys encryption and automatically new daily key generation. Thank you for understanding! Minimal price for surfing all sites with one Login is $2.40US (for 24 hours)


COSMOCODE™ Stabilizer

DEEP SLEEP™ Sarcophagi



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You can see our Sets WE REMAIN™ from our WE REMAIN℠ Service on our website about AISI 316/321/T DEEP SLEEP™ Sarcophagi. You are Wellcome!

* The Human Rescue Kits - the part of the General DNA, Inc., Fundamental Salvation System for Humans (FSS for Humans / FSSH)2010©

General DNA, Inc., USA

General DNA, Inc., USAGeneral DNA, Inc., USAGeneral DNA, Inc., USA

Goods & Services

At the request of customers, we offer the opportunity to make a DONATIONS

We are glad to inform you that we are not looking for financial partners and other financiers - our corporation will remain private and will never go for an IPO. Because such a move would inevitably lead to the need to pump out the maximum profit for shareholders.
We can not afford it - we do not work for money, we do not generate corporate greed.
We - First People of the future, and we and our children know that in the future the main thing for everyone will be the right to choose whether to return to life or not.
There is a very high probability that the Master-codes of main villains of the planet - we and our future generations will irrevocably destroy of the all species of terrestrial and extraterrestrial storages - making this punishment (based only on public and civil court decisions) - the supreme penalty for all of us, without exceptions ...
For this reason, we just can not allow users to make anonymous donations.
Only personal, personalized donation are allowed.
Thank you for understanding - to make any donation you have to buy traffic in the registration encrypted buffer minimum for 2.40 USD. So the minimum expenditure for a minimum donation amounts to at least 3.40 USD. Thank you for your understanding!
Your dollar in the salvation of the world (2.40 USD - a payment of SSD servers, traffic, PayPal, Bank & Tax Fee) can be a major investment for all of your lives - we plan to save the names of donors forever in http://ratingline.com (from 1M USD) & http://ratinglines.com (from 1 USD). And someday it will affect your ranking in the HumanityBook.com℠ If You Save Yourself – You Save Humanity!


The possibility to restore

The possibility to restore an individual from his or her DNA and the whole life cycle (from birth) is not a pure theory. The latest research made in this field proves that it is a matter of the near future.
- General DNA, Inc., USA

Two Levels of Restoration

Theoretically, the restoration of an individual can be made on two levels: initial and non-initial.
The non-initial level presupposes the restoration of an individual at a particular age with his/her already existing knowledge and memories.
But it seems unattainable.
Igor Barbe The General DNA, Inc., USA, PresidentThe president of General DNA, Inc. Igor Josef Barbe has offered another level, initial one, where the restoration is made from the very birth, and called an individual restored at a zero life cycle REPLONE© in opposition to the word CLONE, which has a negative connotation. REPLONE© is restored at the time of birth and it doesn’t have memories of anything, neither wins nor losses.
An individual starts his/her life anew and can choose another path.
The advantages of such restoration are huge. When being restored at a particular life cycle (it is a pure theory now, even fantasy), a restored individual is bound to feel the pain of loss since not everything is as it used to be, not all people and pets are around.
But when you are restored at a zero life cycle you avoid all these unpleasant and painful side effects.
However to be restored at a zero life cycle certain conditions must be met. A certain number of years should pass from your death.
There are no restrictions you made when you were alive.
And the last one is that the future society where your REPLON© is going to live does not prohibit such restoration of life.

Thus with WE REMAIN℠ services, you can stay alive!

A variety of WE REMAIN℠

A variety of WE REMAIN℠ - biospecimen collection, handling, preservation and storage options is available for you.
General DNA, Inc. uses a particular advanced technology which guarantees the storage and preservation of biological specimen of living and deceased individuals for up to 50,000 years.
To ensure the long-term preservation of organic materials we use stabilizers which inhibit bacterial decomposition of keratin fibers (http//www.cosmocode.com).
For storage of biological materials General DNA, Inc. produce containers, capsules, vessels, both non-metal and metal.
For more details about containers, capsules see www.deep-sleep.info and www.generaldna.com .
Depending on your needs and goals, we provide Deep Sleep™ or General DNA™ containers for collection of hair, nails, teeth or bones from individuals at a cost from $79.00 per person (+ Nailscollector℠ & Haircollector℠ SERVICES).
Each container is designed with the use of our proprietary WE REMAIN℠ preservation technique.
Another question you may ask is how and where we are going to store your biomaterial.
Here you also have got several options.
You can keep it at home in a special container www.homecollumbarium.com or we can provide you with highly secured storage of you biomaterials.
As the depositor you have full control over your biological specimens. You have the right to demand that the specimen be tested, destroyed or withdrawn. In the case of your incapacity or death your appointed representative will take control over your specimen. Your information and biological specimens are kept in strict compliance with federal and state regulations governing privacy and confidentiality.

Contact us should you have any questions or comments!
We are always ready to help!

Igor, Svetlana, Vladlen, Kirill, Arseniy Barbe



General DNA, Inc.
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